Village SPOA – Village Olympos

Total Distance: 16.000m

OL 1 is the route that connects southern to northern Karpathos. It is a beautiful track but with special features. The paths’ first segment is interrupted by a dirt road on the 5 Km that makes it a little tiring. It is all worth it since the second segment, as the hiker approaches the Village of Olympus, is paved with cobble-stone on the west cliffs of St. proph Ilias.


Village Olympos (Crossing OL 1) Location PEY

Total Distance: 6.750m

The route 0L2 is a circular track that goes through the area ot PEY and returns back to Olympus, via part of route 011 (Spoa – Olympus). It is a very interesting route that goes by the gulf of Eugonymus (meaning fertile) and the little church of St. Moni where the hiker will come across Byzantine antiquities.


Village Olympos – Farokli Beach

Total Distance: 5.170m

This track starts from the village of Olympus and after going through parts of routes Oll and Ol6B it reaches the Farokli beach. It is a very beautiful track twisting through rills with enough water even during the summer.


Village Olympos – Village Diafani

Total Distance: 5.140m

Ol4 is the classic route that connects the port with Olympus. An Interesting track that becomes even more enchanting for whoever follows it towards Olympus under the dignifying mountain of st. Proph. llias.


Village Olympos – Village Avlona

Total Distance: 4.770m

Village Olympus Village Avlona Route 0L5 leads to the village of Avlona. It is one of the most important tracks and of extreme beauty on its first portion, especially when it is followed towards Olympus.


Village Olympos Top of Mt. Prophitis Ilias

Total Distance: 2.050m

Village Olympos Village Avlona Route 0L5 leads to the village of Avlona. It is one of the most important tracks and of extreme beauty on its first portion, especially when it is followed towards Olympus.


Village Olympos – Col of st. Constantine

Total Distance: 2.320m

OL7 features two tracks that are an alternative route for someone that would like to go from Olympos to Diafani. Starting from Olympus both tracks follow the same course until they reach the area of 51. Constantine named after the small near by church. At that point thre tracks split, one goes more direclly and steeply down towards Diafan’ while the other goes peripherally.


Village Tristomo – Village Avlona

Total Distance: 8.440m

A fascinating route that leads to the north of the island. The amazing views make the visitor feel he is dwelling in truly virgin areas of natural beauty away from civilization. Visitors coming from Avlona face an outstanding sight when they reach the col over tristomo. The trail is even more beautified by the old cobble-stone pavement that has been preserved in many areas of the path.


Village Avlonas – Vrikountas Beach (Ancient city)

Total Distance: 4.140m

From Avlona following route Ol9 the visitor can reach one of the most beautiful places on Karpathos, Acient Vrikounta. The corroded graves, the cyclopean walls and the underground church of St. John are all an unforgettable experience.


Village Avlonas – Village Diafani (via Vananta Beach)

Total Distance: 4.140m

Route OL10 allow the hiker to travel from Diafanl to Avlona and vice versa. Trail OL 10 A allows the visitor to reach the village of Diafani starting from Avlona and passing, through Vanada beach. It features a small and truly impressive cobblestone trail near Avlona.


Village Diafani – Village Tristomo (church of St. Catherine)

Total Distance: 10.660m

OL11 is considered to be the most Impressive and difficult route twisting between the sheer eastern cliffs to the north of Diafani. One will find an old stone staircase on the path by the strange name Xiloskala (wooden staircase). After the abrupt slopes the track eventually reaches a calm view over the gulf of Tristomo.


Steno Village of Argos – Area of Palatia (Trail of Saria)

Total Distance: 7.820m

The trail of Saria begins from the South of Karpathos and traverses the island on its full length. it is a stunning trail to follow due to the unexploited natural beauty and its historical significance since it goes through the ancient sight of Palatia and the village of Argos. The journey with the small boat adds yet another touch of enchantment to the area.